Wisconsin Rocks the Status Quo


Check out this rockin video.  


 It really made me feel emotional, this is what a democracy is all about. It really choked me up to see the men and women standing together and telling the Governor to back off our public workers rights to make a living wage and retire with dignity and respect. Their white-collar republicans who never got dirt under their finger nails or broke a sweat working to put bread on the table are cutting into public workers pensions. Instead they are bailing out the banks and raising interest rates. The fact that public workers face cookie-cutter contracts and the denial of collective bargaining is an outrage that all workers and their families should cry FOUL!!! My Dad is rolling in his grave right now, his union job allowed his 6 kids to go to private school and all of us give back to our communities.

Here in California we worked desperately hard to prevent the e-bay queen- Meg Whitman from being elected Governor of our state. It’s too bad Wisconsin can’t kick their Governor to the curb. We would be seeing the same thing here if not for Jerry Brown. We all have tough decisions to make to balance budgets that we had nothing to do with the mismanagement of funds. Instead the legislature in Wisconsin wants to blame the public workers for being lazy fat cats. I beg to differ. We are the first ones they come to when it’s time to rescue their butts from tragedy, teach their kids, remove their trash or tend to the millions of jobs that it takes to keep our infrastructure going.
What do you think- is this just dessert for Wisconsin or should the Republicans reconsider cutting the pie a different way?

The BRN Threatens to Infringe on Civil Rights

Maybe you didn’t know this but Jerry Brown is now Governor of California because many nurses protested Meg Whitman’s threat to de-regulate the nurse-patient ratios. No one was arrested last fall but there were some heated scenes at hospitals across California when CEOs had their security disband a playful group of nurses portraying a monarchy ruled by the evil “Queen Meg”.

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