Wisconsin Rocks the Status Quo

  Check out this rockin video.   http://vimeo.com/20089255  It really made me feel emotional, this is what a democracy is all about. It really choked me up to see the men and women standing together and telling the Governor to back off our public workers rights to make a living wage and retire with dignity andContinue reading “Wisconsin Rocks the Status Quo”

The BRN Threatens to Infringe on Civil Rights

Maybe you didn’t know this but Jerry Brown is now Governor of California because many nurses protested Meg Whitman’s threat to de-regulate the nurse-patient ratios. No one was arrested last fall but there were some heated scenes at hospitals across California when CEOs had their security disband a playful group of nurses portraying a monarchy ruledContinue reading “The BRN Threatens to Infringe on Civil Rights”