“Cal-i-for-nia Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From”

I can’t help but sing that old tune and simultaneously break out into a vigorous tap dance, my cane a-twirling.

          With its melody I tip my straw hat and recall the ideals of my youth, when moving to California from New York meant entering an era of entitlement. It was the land where the sun shines on the poor as well as the rich. The place I found the opportunity to attend community college for practically nothing to attain my nursing degree and a job in the public sector. 

The song comes to mind with the recent effects of Wisconsin’s loss of collective bargaining rights for the public sector workers.  Voila!–now every state with a predominately Republican Congress will follow suit, doing the shuffle towards an imbalance of power that favors the rich and demands that the middle class pay for the poor. In contrast to Japan, it’s our politics–infused with fear and anger–not Mother Nature that has created a seismic wave aimed at destroying our public sector.

Meanwhile each of us knows, no matter what our party–be it GOP, Democratic, Progressive, Green or Green Tea–, that people need a solid infrastructure to pave the way for a civilized government that encourages economic viability while it takes care of its hungry, sick and impoverished. According to Wallstreet the pro’s say that recent gains in the stock market were driven by an 80 percent gain in corporate earnings. These are some of its best profits in over 70 years. CEOs and CFOs are raking in tens of millions in yearly salaries and bonuses that are incomprehensible to me. Why is it so insane to demand that these wealthiest of the rich pay their “shared sacrifice” in the form of taxes?

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