Lack of Mentoring for Nurses Means Lower Wages


The dictionary defines mentoring as:  “To serve as a trusted counselor or teacher, especially in occupational settings”.  Most of us can name one if not several people who have helped us become the nurses we are today. Those who have influenced us may have worked with us directly, or simply been a model we wanted to emulate. But, mentoring is more than guidance- when given willingly and routinely it can define how we see our self-worth. Oft times, the way nursing treats it’s young lacks professionalism and makes all the difference in how the business world compensates our line of work.  

 We all started out being the new kid on the block.  If a cheerleading section greeted us—look out world.  But if we were met by a firing squad, it could set us back so far it might take years to move forward again. When I was a brand new nurse, I felt an air of meanness from those with seniority; it reeked of cruelty, as though someone forgot to separate the freshly hatched guppies from the tank. I didn’t realize until much later how deeply that affected the way I felt unworthy and, even worse, how indifferent the public seemed to the services we provide. Continue reading “Lack of Mentoring for Nurses Means Lower Wages”

MLK’s Dream and the Healthcare Reform Nightmare

April 4, 2011 marks the 43rd Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. A good way to honor his dream is by taking a few moments to remember his tireless, nonviolent protests for civil rights. Today we understand that the civil rights movement needs to continue every day in order to carry on MLK’s work to tear down racial barriers and maintain a stable middleclass.

A universal principle recognized by all people is health. Without good health, all the money in the world can’t buy you another breath. But, in the U.S. our healthcare system and its pending reform is a nightmare. As healthcare consumers we are all being held hostage by Big Money corporations who want to sell our well-being to the highest bidder.   Lies and propaganda eliminated our chances for a well-funded public option in our current Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Even with Obama’s changes, today’s healthcare reforms are in a deadly headlock squeezed by the for-profit insurance companies. Now everyone will be mandated  to reward big insurance for taking advantage of the sick and dying.  Forcing all Americans to buy private insurance favors the rich and the poor, but does little to protect the middleclass from economic ruin.

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