Would You Buy Tickets to a Show then Stay Home Instead of Watching It?


Guest Blog by Brenda Grey RN, BSN, Public Health


Back in June I joined the nurses from the California Nurses Association (CNA) and other RNs from across the country in a rally to oppose takeaways from our public sector workers. We came together under the National Nurses United (NNU) and marched on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to urge our legislators to support a tax on billion dollar corporations on Wall Street in order to fund our faltering healthcare and educational systems in America. Our demonstration was quite a sight. Horns beeping, and thumbs up by the people made it even more worthwhile as we trudged the streets to our nation’s Capitol in the sweltering heat and humidity.
I realize it can get depressing and frustrating when our benefits are ripped away from us and our wages have been frozen. We pay union dues and what has the union done for us besides help negotiate the contract for the benefits we currently have. This little analogy may help. To me this makes sense….


Imagine buying a movie ticket and not showing up for the entertainment. Imagine our union dues as the fee for the ticket. We have a much better outcome and obtain greater satisfaction when we show up for the entertainment (in our case, actions or meetings). I believe the County Nurses will see better results from contract negotiations and work actions when we all participate in public demonstrations that bring awareness to our community about what is happening to our patients and our nurses. When nurses come out in full force and ask the voters to support our causes for safe patient care, we press our local government officials to be accountable to keep their promises for quality affordable care. When nurses talk people listen. Nurses can make our legislators accountable!

Join the Nurses in our campaign:

Make Wall Street Pay to Heal America

Thursday September 1, at 12:00 PM

5051 Verdugo Way, Camarillo CA 93012

Urge Elton Galleghy to wake up and support the tax on Wall Street for jobs, healthcare and education in our local schools and hospitals instead of bailing out banks to bilk us some more!!!

See you there: Brenda

Published by thenursesnurse

The Nurses Nurse, an RN-owned organization assisting fellow RNs in career management and advocates for the recognition and advancement of the nursing profession.Created by Rita Batchley, BSN, RN a professional with 25 years of nursing experience, her motivational materials are designed to increase job satisfaction and enhance healthcare practices.

3 thoughts on “Would You Buy Tickets to a Show then Stay Home Instead of Watching It?

  1. See you all at the “movie”! Hope we can all give Gallegly a push down the road to helping the American middle class, rather than the “uber-klass”…


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