The Nurses Want Moore

When the movie Sicko by Michael Moore had first come out people said that Moore wasn’t serious enough to cover such an ominous matter as the state of the American healthcare system. The Nurses Nurse asked, “With works like Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 911, who better than Michael Moore can give us an honest appraisal of the current crisis of U.S. medical care?”

At a recent National Nurses United convention, of over a thousand nurses from around the world, Moore used his wit and style to drive the message home: If we can’t have fun changing the world we’re going to die crying.

Soon every American will be MANDATED by the government to do such things as: meet exorbitant deductibles, pay outlandish pharmacy fees, be placed on real death panels run by insurance companies who deny authorization of coverage, and don’t forget the need to soothe the sting of the deadly COBRA payments. We’ll also have to continue until 2014, bankruptcy, or death (whichever comes first) to be denied coverage for having pre-existing conditions. If these are not examples of a healthcare system in critical condition, I don’t know what is.
The more I hear patient’s speak of their terror of going broke from medical bills over voicing their fear of their actual illnesses the more I say: The nurses not only want Moore; they need Moore.


To See the entire speech, please watch the video below.