Save Money and Sanity this Holiday Season

Only in America do we give thanks for all our plenty and then spend the rest of the holiday season in a frenzy trying to buy the things we lack.

English: Sears inside Plaza del Norte.
English: Sears inside Plaza del Norte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a saint. I strive for food and shelter like everyone else. I’m willing to work for my basic needs. But, when is enough, enough? When does it become sufficient that to be alive, to breathe, is enough to be happy?

 My dad used to say, “If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything,” but because he was from Brooklyn, he spoke like this: “Reeter Ann. If you don’t have your health you don’t have nothing. It doesn’t matter how rich you are. If you’re sick you can’t enjoy it.” The older I get, the more I agree and my experience shows me, that my vitality includes my mind and spirit, as well as my physical health.

The Pursuit of happiness starts with good intention, usually we desire the things our parents couldn’t give us; or, we want to make it easier for our kids.

Slowly we climb the socio-economic ladder and in increments we reach for higher price tags to attain happiness.

Recent examples of Wall Street gluttony and mortgage fraud, blatantly tell us that greed is not only acceptable, it is rewarded with lower tax rates and bailouts.

  Even if we achieve wealth, we can become indifferent toward each other. Instead of being richer, we can be left in emotional and spiritual poverty. When we lose sight of the importance of caring for our psychological well-being, we lose our compassion and our strength. When the quality of life begins to crumble, we head to the shopping malls to help us feel better.

Insead, it’s important to invest in practises that build integrity and character from the inside out. Whereas, material things have a shelf life and our bills can deplete us for a lifetime, developing mindfulness is eternal.

 The holidays are a great time to start a psychological boot camp. By working to improve your mental health and setting aside your sights of material things you can revel in the abundance of energy that wants you to be happy. Some people call it prayer, some call it meditation but, no matter how you label it, it doesn’t really matter. What counts, is that you take the time to focus your attention on your inner landscape and take the journey home.

When I concentrate on quieting my brain and being humble, just breathing becomes enough to be happy. In meditation I feel the power of the universe, the magic of my imagination and the ability to co-create with the Master of all understanding. It is in these moments of grace, that my deepest prayers are answered. To be alive is more than enough to be happy.  

 We all have the ability to sync with the Beloved’s infinite’s energy; so, skip that trip to Sears and you just might find, that you don’t need that delux super do-whatch-ma-call-it after all.

<*%#@ Are You Ready to Be Sworn In?

Did you ever make a promise you couldn’t keep? Maybe you’ve undertaken a project that was too big to accomplish? Well, all other oaths pale in comparison to the one you took when you became an RN and swore to serve the public trust. Here’s a promise for the modern day nurse:

An oil lamp, the symbol of nursing in many cou...
Nightingale’s lamp burns the midnight oil to assist all nurses in their pledge of diligence
I Pledge Allegiance to the World.
And to the United Fellowship of Nurses.
And to Humanity,
 For Which We Stand, One Kingdom
                                                                                      Under God Indivisible.
                                                                    With Libertyand Healthcare for all. Continue reading “<*%#@ Are You Ready to Be Sworn In?”

Nurses of America: Does Your Vote Count?

Just think in a few more days my phone will stop ringing and the political solicitors won’t be calling during all hours of the day or night. Peace will be restored.

Is it really anyone’s business who I vote for? Or, whether or not I vote at all? Does one nurse’s opinion count?

I’d like to believe I live in a bubble and that the choices I make have no effect on anyone but me. It’s so easy to be spiritual when I’m all alone and I don’t have to share my time and energy accounting for anyone else. But if that were true, relationships wouldn’t matter.

Experience shows that caring for each other is the most important behavior there is when it comes to a happy, healthy society. Finding creative solutions to life’s everyday problems, and sometimes tragedies, takes massive ingenuity, thoughtfulness and strength. Frankenstorm is a perfect example of how each person’s action can count.

Scientific studies prove, over and over, that collective energy is greater than the sum of its parts. Collective consciousness is downright quantum. Knowledge is one thing, but when all our positive beliefs come together, miracles happen.

Your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being is directly proportionate to how much you count the value of your soul and the souls of those around you.

That’s why it’s so important to get out and vote. Support the politicians who have integrity and a track record of making the world a better place. Follow the money and see whose campaigns are supported by the people who are aligned with your soul.

Do they support a health care system that will moderate the greed of insurance companies? Do they support taxing the rich? Do they back a living-wage and a retirement with social security? These are questions only you can determine. Look beyond religion or the color of the skin and vote with your heart. Ask in prayer who will guide the American people to be united under God for the greatest good. Bring your answers to the polls on Tuesday, November 6 and make sure  your vote counts for liberty and justice for all.