Nurses Want COLA for Christmas

I can hear it now. The Nurses’ Nurse has flipped her lid, Rita Batchley has gone over the deep end into the soda wars. Well, I assure you I haven’t. I’m not speaking of Pepsi, or Coke, or anything like that. I’m writing of COLA:
Cost of Living Adjustments in the form of pay raises.

COLA, Not Coal for Christmas

 As the nurses of the Ventura County Health Care Agency (VCHCA) go into contract negotiations, there are many treading on thin ice. Without raises for close to five years, there are some caregivers literally holding on by a thread. As single moms providing for a household; or, as women with husbands out of work, there is much to be said for the fact that COLAs have been nonexistent and merit pay in the form of a nurses’ career ladder falls short of any real monetary lift. Continue reading “Nurses Want COLA for Christmas”