MLK Day: Living the Dream

March with The Nurses Nurse Monday, January 21, 2013 at 8 a.m. Meet in Front of Starbucks, across the street from Plaza Park 241 West 5th St Oxnard, CA 9303 Nothing makes me feel so good right now than the fact that President Obama’s public inauguration falls on the day we celebrate Martin Luther KingContinue reading “MLK Day: Living the Dream”

2013: The Year of Nurses Rising, Girl-Power to the Tenth Degree

  As anyone who saw this year’s Rose Parade can attest, 2013 is the year of women, especially nurses rising. Sally Bixby, the first RN to be the President of the Rose Parade, encouraged America to see the world through the eyes of a nurse. Women were well represented on the floats and among theContinue reading “2013: The Year of Nurses Rising, Girl-Power to the Tenth Degree”


A young man called the hospital shouting,” You gotta help! My wife is going into labor!” The nurse said, “Stay calm. Is this her first child?” “No!’ he cried urgently. “This is her husband!” Maybe to communicate more clearly, we simply need to ask for what we need. Karyn Baxman As a nurse I oftenContinue reading “TGIF”