RN Power: Ventura Retirement Board’s Newest Member

Ventura County’s Retirement Association swore in their newest elected Board Member, Deanna McCormick RN, on 2/25/13.

As a graduate of Law, this dynamo of a JD has her work cut out for her. Considering she is an awesome advocate for patients and nurses rights already, she is excited to serve the Public Sector in a pursuit of justice when it comes to interpreting the newest laws regulating the amount of earnings eligible for retirement calculations.

Ventura County Public Sector Workers should pat themselves on the back for electing this strong leader who will protect our income for our Golden years.



Published by thenursesnurse

The Nurses Nurse, an RN-owned organization assisting fellow RNs in career management and advocates for the recognition and advancement of the nursing profession.Created by Rita Batchley, BSN, RN a professional with 25 years of nursing experience, her motivational materials are designed to increase job satisfaction and enhance healthcare practices.

4 thoughts on “RN Power: Ventura Retirement Board’s Newest Member

  1. How is it that VCMC was able to set up a retirement plan, safe harbor, or part-time & per diem employees, that entitled VCMC to take 3% of employees salary, with NO money coming from the county, and where the employee had no choice in contributing to this plan, then hold the employees money until they retire, without the ability to roll it into another plan or to take it out when they leave the employment of VCMC. Also, I would like to know why the county will not tell you the amount that you have in the plan, only if it is over or under $5,000, and that if it is over, you CANNOT take a lump sum, you have to take it as a monthly amount, and there is NO cost of living adjustment for this plan. I’m sure that a larger percent of employeers would love to take a percent of their employees salaries, and hold it to invest and make use of, without any accountability to the employees.


    1. There are a lot of administrative policies of the Ventura County Employee Retirement Association. It would take specific research of your question to get an answer for you. There is a big difference between a regular employer’s retirement and the pet diem’s safe Harbor. I’m not sure which you are referring to in your question. My blog is my opinion and not extensively researched.


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