If You Don’t Participate Now You May Hate Yourself Later

Members of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation...

For a Limited Time Only, you will have the opportunity to get the deal of a lifetime – How often have you heard that line?

You’ve seen it a million times. Yet, it’s surprisingly true because the time has never been so full of change for public sector nurses. As the expiration date of the contract between the Ventura County Nurses and the County’s Health Care Agency goes further and further off into the sunset the pressure is mounting because of what lies ahead.

As a negotiator on the bargaining team, I can say that talks have been carefully planned as the looming presence of the County’s upcoming conversion to Heath-E-Connect, a new electronic health care record is coming to every public sector health care provider as of July 1, 2013.

This, along with national news is about to put an end to a five year stagnation of wages along with the erosion of pay due to increased contributions toward retirement funds and taxes for county health care workers. Time is on our side, the spark of change is burning and the fuse is running short, the nurses have a stronghold that makes our future bright.

In less than a month Health-E-Connect (Cerner), will go live and in three months, Ventura County will become partners with the federal government to become an insurance exchange for Obama Care. The California Nurses Association Bargaining Unit has not had this many advantages to make our voices heard for better pay and working conditions in a long time. In fact the serendipity of the situation gives me goose bumps, because the time has never been better to draw a line in the sand to propose a financial package that will send the nurses into a happier future.

So NURSES: RNs, LVNs and PSYCH-Techs, Don’t miss out. Come to:
The Cafeteria Conference Room at VCMC to Discuss YOUR future