Be Kind to Nurses. Every Day They Keep Doctors From Accidentally Killing You!

English: Ventura County Fair in Ventura, Calif...
Nurses Plan to March in the Ventura County Fair Parade Sat. August 3, at 8:00 A.M. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is what a recent picture on Pinterest should have been.Image Instead it enticed readers to check out a photo of a fireman resuscitating a cat as a tiny kitten watched in awe as skilled hands worked their magic.

As far as pictures go, it was good; damn good. I was completely taken hook, line and sinker. The look on that kitty’s face as its beloved mother was being rescued was priceless. It was an endearing shot; but let’s face it, that photo totally ruins all hope for nurses. There’s no way in hell nurses can compete with that.

From a public relations standpoint, nurses are totally screwed. Unless nurses come up with something better than rescuing cats from trees or helping lost children find their mothers, we can forget about being as venerated or exalted as the boys in yellow or blue.

No one seems to care that nurses save hundreds of lives every day and are the sheriffs, deputies and firefighters of healthcare rolled into one kick-ass classification of super hero. We man the Delivery, Emergency and Operating Rooms, across the nation. Without us, hospitals would be glorified hotels, and excuse me but I don’t want a bellhop for my chest pain, difficulty breathing or a dressing changed.

So corral your friends and family and come on down to march with the nurses at the Ventura County Fair Parade on Saturday, August 3rd. We’ll start lining up at 8 A.M. on Main St. and Catalina St. (in front of Ventura High School). The theme of the parade is Boots, Barns and Banjos so where your red scrub tops, your best cowboy boots, hats and bandanas and show Ventura County that the Nurses of our Health Care Agency are the Heroes of Healthcare.

We will have a pick-up truck with a trailer for our float, so come down and help us get it all gussied up to represent our passion for safe, quality community healthcare.

For more details or questions call: Rita Batchley The Nurses’ Nurse at 805-443-5695