Sarcasm: Serving Up a Good Fight—How to Get Wealthy With a Cutting Edge

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He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life- Muhammad Ali

After a large meal at a local diner the waitress approached with a take-home container.

“Do you wanna box for that?” she asked while smacking her chewing gum.
“No,” I answered. “I don’t want to fight for it. If you want it that badly you can have it!”

At the time, I just couldn’t resist the perfect opportunity to serve up this snarky tidbit. What kind of nurse would I be if I didn’t have a touch of tenacity in me?

The great public health nurse and women’s rights activist, Lillian Wald, said: “Although it is not our natures, nurses have always had to fight for what’s right for our patients.” Lillian Wald had tenacity up the WHAZOO!

I agree with her. It’s not my nature to fight. I’d much rather do my job and go home but, if a supervisor calls to float one of the care team or there is a sick call, leaving the department short-staffed a nurse must embody the spirit of Lilian Wald and become a strong advocate for the patients and the staff.

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