Nurses are First Responders Too

Nurses are First Responders Too. In all my reading and social media contacts I found nothing that honored the nurses and their heroic contributions during the attacks on 9/11.

I want to thank the brave nurses, medics and all the medical staff that worked nonstop to provide life-saving care on that day. We, as nurses forget to give a shout out to who we are in the realm of service and protection of others. One article, Nurses on 9/11 written by Kristen Rothwell,  gives a detailed account of the nurses role that day. I can see the NYC conference building, the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which had been set up as a giant triage and emergency center becoming like a MASH unit.

Nurses Killed on September 11

Touri Bolourchi, 69, retired nurse, passenger aboard United Airlines Flight 175

Lydia Bravo, 50, occupational health nurse at Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Ronald Bucca, 47, fire marshal, New York City Fire Department

Greg Buck, 37, firefighter, New York City Fire Department, Engine Company 201

Christine Egan, 55, community health nurse visiting from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Carol Flyzik, 40, medical software marketing manager, passenger aboard American Airlines Flight 11

Debra Lynn Fischer Gibbon, 43, senior vice president at Aon Corporation

Geoffrey Guja, 47, lieutenant, New York City Fire Department, Battalion 43

Stephen Huczko, 44, police officer, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department

Kathy Mazza, 46, captain, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department, and commanding officer, Port Authority Police Training Academy

Michael Mullan, 34, firefighter, New York City Fire Department, Ladder Company 12

As the most plentiful of providers, nurses play a huge part in patching the wounded and comforting the survivors, not only on that day but in the months and years that followed this disaster. Remember the nurses of 9/11.

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