What the Super Bowl Teaches Nurses About Winning Big

  By the time you’re reading this all the hoopla is over and the Sea Hawks are home with a Super Bowl ring and an extra $90,000 per player. As a Peyton Manning fan, I rooted for the Broncos; but it goes to show that even one of the greatest quarterbacks of this decade can’tContinue reading “What the Super Bowl Teaches Nurses About Winning Big”

If You Don’t Participate Now You May Hate Yourself Later

For a Limited Time Only, you will have the opportunity to get the deal of a lifetime – How often have you heard that line? You’ve seen it a million times. Yet, it’s surprisingly true because the time has never been so full of change for public sector nurses. As the expiration date of theContinue reading “If You Don’t Participate Now You May Hate Yourself Later”

Nurses Deliver a Message: Support Nursing Skills or Increase Doctor Bills

It was a proud day for the healthcare team of Ventura County Health Care Agency (VCHCA) when an overwhelming number of caregivers representing every department across the medical spectrum, from Med/Surg, ER, OB, OR, Public Health and outpatient Mental Health, took over the audience at the Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting on Tuesday, April 9,Continue reading “Nurses Deliver a Message: Support Nursing Skills or Increase Doctor Bills”

RN Power: Ventura Retirement Board’s Newest Member

Ventura County’s Retirement Association swore in their newest elected Board Member, Deanna McCormick RN, on 2/25/13. As a graduate of Law, this dynamo of a JD has her work cut out for her. Considering she is an awesome advocate for patients and nurses rights already, she is excited to serve the Public Sector in aContinue reading “RN Power: Ventura Retirement Board’s Newest Member”

Nurses Want COLA for Christmas

I can hear it now. The Nurses’ Nurse has flipped her lid, Rita Batchley has gone over the deep end into the soda wars. Well, I assure you I haven’t. I’m not speaking of Pepsi, or Coke, or anything like that. I’m writing of COLA: Cost of Living Adjustments in the form of pay raises.Continue reading “Nurses Want COLA for Christmas”

After Five Years of No Pay Raises, VCHCA Gears up to Squelch Nurses’ Bargaining Power

In a recent article, officials of the Ventura County Healthcare Agency stated point blank that across the board pay raises will be out of the question for all County employees, while merit increases will remain in place. In their last contract, Nurses and Psych-techs took pay cuts that went beyond a shared sacrifice. Meanwhile, otherContinue reading “After Five Years of No Pay Raises, VCHCA Gears up to Squelch Nurses’ Bargaining Power”

Would You Buy Tickets to a Show then Stay Home Instead of Watching It?

    Guest Blog by Brenda Grey RN, BSN, Public Health   Back in June I joined the nurses from the California Nurses Association (CNA) and other RNs from across the country in a rally to oppose takeaways from our public sector workers. We came together under the National Nurses United (NNU) and marched on CapitolContinue reading “Would You Buy Tickets to a Show then Stay Home Instead of Watching It?”

A Matter of National Security

What would our country be like without its safety officers? We have great police, fire and military personnel securing our townships, counties and cities all over the United States. These heroes go recognized for the contributions they make for protecting our citizens across the nation.  As a public sector registered nurse for more than twentyContinue reading “A Matter of National Security”

“Cal-i-for-nia Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From”

I can’t help but sing that old tune and simultaneously break out into a vigorous tap dance, my cane a-twirling.           With its melody I tip my straw hat and recall the ideals of my youth, when moving to California from New York meant entering an era of entitlement. It was the land where theContinue reading ““Cal-i-for-nia Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From””