Mission Statement

The Nurses Nurse is your ultimate guide for nurses and patients. I offer resources on how to protect your license and your life from the everyday business practices of hospitals and institutions that employ nurses and provide medical services. Across the country there are hospitals, clinics and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) that do not staff according to ethical guidelines that allow for effective and timely health care. Right now I have the most comprehensive list of Nurse and Patient Friendly Hospitals, Clinics and SNFs . My mission is to help you find the best health care institutions based on the track records provided by patients and staff. Whether you are a patient or a nurse, I want C.A. R. E.* to be the prime ingredient of the health services you receive.

*C: Compassionate to consumers and workers. With high return of customers; ease of recruitment and retention longevity of the staff.
A: Affordable services for patients and staff salaries that provide living wages so that personnel aren’t working exhausting overtime hours to make ends meet.
R: Ratios between licensed staff and patients which maintains high levels of nursing satisfaction and healthy patient outcomes. Surveys that demonstrate low injury rates to nurses and patients alike, as well as rock bottom re-admission rates.
E: Evidence of quality outcomes based on state mandated reports of analytical rates of infection control, morbidity, mortality, obesity and preventable disease.

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