Ask The Nurses’ Nurse about:

 Goals, Resumes, Interviews,

Skills, Navigating Office Dynamics, Balancing Work with Family 

Are you tired of going round and round on a carousal of complaints? Get into the solution with The Nurses’ Nurse who, like you, works as a caregiver and knows the walk you talk. Please remember to give a brief synopsis of your situation, and the goals you are wanting to achieve so I can work with you to come up with recommendations to guide you to your best choices. Please remember, all advice given are suggestions and by no means claim to be the easiest or most popular route. Sometimes we have to do what’s right even if it’s not easy.

*Due to the sheer volume of questions received, The Nurses’ Nurse cannot answer every question or respond privately to any questions. All questions answered may appear on the Nurses’ Nurse blog, and some may be printed in future publications. Last names and e-mail addresses will be omitted

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