A Letter to Nurses on Labor Day

Labor Pains an important message this Labor Day. On Sale today for $10.99 http://www.ritabatchleyrn.com/
Labor Pains an important message this Labor Day. On Sale today for $10.99 http://www.ritabatchleyrn.com/

Dear Nurses,

The very first Labor Day was created to honor working people who aspired to the American dream through the labor movement and unions. Today’s nurses work hard not only at the patient’s bedside but in the political arena for safe, affordable inclusive healthcare.  But we can’t do it alone.

Guaranteed medical insurance doesn’t guarantee healthcare. Costs and premiums are skyrocketing. Yet, higher prices don’t equal better care. In many hospitals nurses are expected to stretch beyond their limits.

Today there’s a growing disconnect between what hospital corporations are peddling and what nurses want. And the only way hospitals can keep their power is by demonizing and marginalizing our labor unions.

There’s no doubt that hospital corporations along with insurance companies will outspend nurses —as they will in this coming election. But our strength and the strength of the labor movement has never been our dollar power—it’s been our NURSE HERO POWER!

That’s why I wrote the book Labor Pains. I want everyone to know what’s at risk in modern day healthcare. Patients and nurses trust that their best interests are being cared for, when in reality, greed is the driving force of healthcare corporations. Labor Pains is a fictional story about a labor and delivery nurse, named Paige, who works for a small community hospital that is taken over by a medical monopoly. Sound familiar? Within its birth stories, Paige faces the journey that many nurses face. She must choose whether to take action to relieve her pain, or remain with the status quo: embittered and burned-out. Another dimension of Labor Pains develops when a labor union pushes the nurses to give birth to a political movement to keep the Spirit of nursing alive.

 All nurses need to read Labor Pains and see for themselves what nurses can do if we take action.

Give yourself a Labor Day present  and buy Labor Pains today!

Best Wises,






If Lillian Wald just did her job and wen

Hospitals have adopted Assembly Line models of care. Labor Pains makes it clear that all nurses need to unite & push back against the current that is destroying our professional standards.

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If Lillian Wald just did her job and went home we wouldn’t have the great public health infrastructure….. http://ow.ly/A4x1L

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Good nurses help, but great nurses make

Labor Pains makes it clear: All nurses need to unite & push back against the current that is destroying our professional standards.

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Good nurses help, but great nurses make the best medicine. Discover Rita Batchley, RN @thenursesnurse #LaborPains http://ow.ly/A4x1I

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Every #bedside #nurse will ID with my bo

All nurses need to unite & push back against the current that is destroying our professional standards.

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Every #bedside #nurse will ID with my book #LaborPains, money back guaranteed. Rita Batchley, RN @thenursesnurse http://ow.ly/A4x1I

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Upcoming Retirement Reform Spells Disaster for Most County Workers

Seems like renovations are in order
Before: Restorations are in order
After Home-destroyed
After: For 90%, retirements will be worse off

It seems that everyone loves to see a good makeover. You know those before and after pictures that show a disheveled mess magically transformed into a palace? Well it seems that is what the Committee for Pension Fairness of the Ventura County Taxpayers Association would like you to believe they are doing by placing an initiative to defund public sector workers retirement funds.

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Go Fourth! Celebrate Independence from Tyranny Like a Nurse

Nurses are gaining momentum for a huge revolution in health care delivery. Like our founders sought, freedom from greed and oppression is hard but a worthy cause.

At the time of the American Revolution Great Britain was a huge force of power. That didn’t stop the original thirteen American colonies from revolting and eventually winning their freedom from tyranny.

This Fourth of July take a moment to reflect how our forefathers gained independence from the strongest empire in the world.

Here’s Your Cheat Sheet to Nursing Justice:

1. Find your Voice

Nursing has the largest numbers of healthcare workers yet we have the smallest voices: we are expected to provide compassionate care, but we are forced to work under extremely stressful conditions while we are constantly under-resourced.

Our profession is fast becoming careers in which we must squeeze the actual nursing care around piles of paperwork (or computers). How many of us work through countless hours of unpaid lunches, breaks and after our shifts have finished? Despite this, studies across the nation still say that nurses don’t have enough time with patients, and have had to leave certain care undone during their shifts.

Think Boston Tea Party: What if we all banded together and refused to work through our breaks and work extra? What if oncoming shifts marched into the house supervisor’s office and demanded adequate staffing before taking report from the off-going nurses? The gaps would then become very quickly visible to employers, managers and the public. The message really got across and some action was taken.

Refuse to sip from the status quo. To this day, Americans are still largely coffee drinkers, foregoing the tastes of their oppressors.

2. Encourage communication: if we don’t demand what we need we won’t get it. No one gives up power without a fight. Huge corporations are taking over our hospitals and community healthcare systems.

Remember Paul Revere’s warning? “The British are coming!” Well mega-medical monopolies are here and we must push our congress to pass laws that protect us from tyranny. This November, California is pushing for Proposition 45 an initiative for health insurance rate hikes to be justified by the state insurance commissioner. Stay tuned.

Lastly : 3. United we stand. Work as a team. A team of experts does not make an expert team. Leadership and cohesive loyalty to the objective of Safe Patient Care goes a long way. That which honors dignity and truth will be self-evident and sustaining.

Happy Fourth of JULY!


Why Labor Pains are Necessary


 The Nurses Nurse will be ON THE AIR
The Nurses Nurse will be ON THE AIR

Why are Labor Pains necessary? That’s what readers of my book will find out. But you don’t have to be a reader to get answers because I will be interviewed on LIVE Radio!


That’s right Rita Batchley RN, The Nurses Nurse, is being interviewed on “RNFM Radio: On the Pulse of Nursing “, the most popular internet radio station for nurses. This LIVE interview is on Tuesday, 6/24/14 at 11am PST / 12pm MST / 2pm EST..

During the interview, I plan on discussing my new novel, Labor Pains, and why they are necessary for change. We all think of labor pains as the worse than death suffering of childbirth, but now after twenty-five years as labor and delivery nurse I will share how there is a whole new meaning to what was once dreaded and feared.

This is an interview you won’t want to miss. It will be a live audio and video broadcast via Google+ and Google Hangouts on Air. If you have a Google+ account, you can join the live chat and type in questions for her and the hosts. If you don’t have a Google+ account, you can still watch the live broadcast via the link below or via RNFM Radio’s YouTube channel http://bit.ly/SQJAuw

I’d love for you to listen in, watch, and type in questions if you’re live with us on Google+.

If you can’t listen in, bear in mind that the show will be immediately archived and available for listening at www.rnfmradio.com, and will also be quickly available as a free downloadable podcast on iTunes and on the RNFM Radio YouTube channel.

In my LIVE interview, I plan on discussing Labor Pains, the story of Paige O’Neill,  a labor and delivery nurse, who works at Mercy Hospital where the mysteries of childbirth unfold.

Labor Pains is a must read that is necessary for anyone who wants to know what nurses really do behind the scenes to protect patients from the conditions in hospitals that could harm them.

I will discuss why it is necessary for nurses to be involved in seeing that health care injustice is brought into the light so that consumers can choose wisely.

I look forward to connecting with you then!

Until then, keep pushing to for RNs at the bedside to deliver the safest hospital care.


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