Ventura County RNs, LVNS and Psych-techs Take Cuts

The California Nurses Association(CNA) bargaining unit for Ventura County took a big hit from the county. After a year of bargaining, the county imposed its cuts to the 500 + membership recieving retirement benefits. In a trend across the nation, state and local governments are slashing pensions in the name of reforms. But, many rank and file workers like the CNA  members believe that true reformm needs to start at the top of the heap not at the bottom. Nurses have always paid 50% or more into their retirement and get far less than safety workers who paid nothing yet reaped the greatest rewards. Now with scandolous fees being paid out to these top salaried workers nurses can’t help but ask : “Why are we footing the bill for the abuses made by the few?” More will be revealed as the county plans to balance their budget while opening expensive new clinics without the man-power to operate them. Watch the politicians squirm when there jobs come up for re-election. We nurses have long memories and we won’t forget how we’ve been treated.

It’s national hospital safety week

According to Healthleaders Media Industry Survey 2010, healthcare CEOs are less concerned about quality and patient safety this year than last year. Quality and patient safety are still the number one priorities for CEOs but areas of cost-reduction, technology systems/equipment and patient experience/satisfaction have risen as the major competitors for healthcare CEOs’ concerns. What this boils down to, is that more than ever, patients need protections to safeguard their lives whenever they are admitted to the hospitals. RNs must be vigilant as the last safety net between the doctor and what happens to the patient. To say that a medication or a procedure was given because a doctor ordered it is malpractice. If the RNs don’t follow through and research that an intervention is appropriate for their patients’ problems then that nurse is not doing their job.  

How can you have a satisfied patient if you have a bad outcome related to misappropriation of treatment? Thousands of patient continue to die each year because of errors. There needs to be more checks ad balances between the doctor and the patients receiving care.

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