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 Labor Pains, seeks to deliver nurses and patients into the story of rebirth. An inspiration for readers who are ready for the truth behind hospitals and the bedside care they provide.


You’ll never be the same after reading Labor Pains, a novel written by maternity nurse Rita Batchley, RN, who delivers a story about health care reform in a most unusual way. Released on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday, Labor Pains, is a testimony of what nurses do best: work hard to protect patients and families from assembly-line medical treatment.


No one wants a price tag placed on their head, but that’s exactly what happens when you seek medical attention. From a chest cold to a triple by-pass, medicine has become a commodity that has little to do with care and more to do with one’s ability to pay for it. Labor Pains offers the painful truth that giving birth to real healthcare reform will make nurses work even harder.


“There’s a lot more to what nurses do than giving shots and taking blood pressures,” Batchley says. “Nurses have to integrate all aspects of the sciences to treat a patient’s mind and spirit as well as their physical bodies. Now, more than ever nurses have to enter the political arena to make reform happen. It’s disheartening when we try to give the medical treatment we were trained to do but cannot because of the lack of time imposed by a hospital’s business plan, which focuses on efficiency and not necessarily what’s best for the patients. Many times nurses are stretched so thin they can’t possibly do a good job—then they burn-out from overload. Patients need to be aware.”


A labor and delivery nurse over the past twenty-eight years, Rita Batchley RN possesses the perfect background to write such a book. As a dedicated child birth coach and a political activist for health care reform, she supports mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. As the founder of The Nurses’ Nurse Productions, a business that offers a variety of career coaching and inspirational speaking lectures, she is sure to continue to lead the way for promoting the nursing profession. “It is my hope,” she said, “that after reading Labor Pains nurses will be motivatedto take action to protect our profession. Demanding safety for patients and nurses is number one.”


Labor Pain, by Rita Batchley RN, is available in soft cover copies and electronic versions for sale on




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