Labor Day: Creating a Healthy Work Culture  

When I think of Labor Day I remember the working class heroes who have built our society and have won so many of the rights we enjoy: paid holidays, overtime compensation, child labor laws and the ability to come together as a voice for fairness. Today I read that President Obama passed a measure forContinue reading “Labor Day: Creating a Healthy Work Culture  “

Why Labor Pains are Necessary

  Why are Labor Pains necessary? That’s what readers of my book will find out. But you don’t have to be a reader to get answers because I will be interviewed on LIVE Radio!   That’s right Rita Batchley RN, The Nurses Nurse, is being interviewed on “RNFM Radio: On the Pulse of Nursing “, the most popularContinue reading “Why Labor Pains are Necessary”

Nursing School 411 an Eye Opener Interview

Here’s a recent article from a web magazine that features your one & only. I hope you enjoy & pass it on. Thanks. Rita Batchley is not your ordinary RN. She is a teacher, author and speaker who happens to believe that nurses hold the key to real healthcare reform. Since graduating from nursing schoolContinue reading “Nursing School 411 an Eye Opener Interview”

Are you a Nurses’ Nurse?

I’m always surprised when someone asks: “What’s a Nurses’Nurse? Maybe it’s because I’ve been an RN for so long that my perceptions are biased by eyes that are constantly assessing and looking for remedies to multi-faceted problems. This makes for the assumption that everyone else is doing the same thing and watching out for eachContinue reading “Are you a Nurses’ Nurse?”

What Every Nurse Needs to Learn From Cinderella

You’ve heard the story: Once upon a time there were two cruel stepsisters and the unfair servitude enforced by an evil stepmother who abused Cinderella in her own home. She spent her days slaving over her mean spirited stepsisters. She dreamed of a better life. By the end of the story, Cinderella is a princess. Her nameContinue reading “What Every Nurse Needs to Learn From Cinderella”

Be Kind to Nurses. Every Day They Keep Doctors From Accidentally Killing You!

This is what a recent picture on Pinterest should have been. Instead it enticed readers to check out a photo of a fireman resuscitating a cat as a tiny kitten watched in awe as skilled hands worked their magic. As far as pictures go, it was good; damn good. I was completely taken hook, lineContinue reading “Be Kind to Nurses. Every Day They Keep Doctors From Accidentally Killing You!”


A young man called the hospital shouting,” You gotta help! My wife is going into labor!” The nurse said, “Stay calm. Is this her first child?” “No!’ he cried urgently. “This is her husband!” Maybe to communicate more clearly, we simply need to ask for what we need. Karyn Baxman As a nurse I oftenContinue reading “TGIF”

Nurses of America: Does Your Vote Count?

Just think in a few more days my phone will stop ringing and the political solicitors won’t be calling during all hours of the day or night. Peace will be restored. Is it really anyone’s business who I vote for? Or, whether or not I vote at all? Does one nurse’s opinion count? I’d likeContinue reading “Nurses of America: Does Your Vote Count?”

Create a Legacy: Elect Your Next Nurse Leaders

Our greatest legacy is not how much money we make, but how deeply we contribute to improving the quality of life for others.  Rita Batchley, The Nurses’ Nurse 2012 The above statement is a call to arms for all the warriors of healthcare justice. This will be this author’s last contract as a Chief Nurse Rep contributor, asContinue reading “Create a Legacy: Elect Your Next Nurse Leaders”